Emma Roberts has always been a friend to MTV News, particularly at the Sundance Film Festival. Last year in Park City, we were fairly sure that we got Emma to drop a massive “Scream 4″ spoiler — namely that she wasn’t going to survive her encounter with Ghost Face — and we were right … partially.

At this year’s Sundance, our conversation with Emma was not so grim. The up-and-coming actress has a starring role in “Celeste and Jesse Forever,” a comedy about a divorcing couple struggling to maintain their friendship during an intense period of transition. In the film, which also stars co-writer Rashida Jones, Roberts goes against type as a pop star named Riley, who is an amalgamation of various musical icons. But according to the actress, there’s one particular singer she took her cues from.

“I got to bring together every pop star and mold it into one person,” she told MTV News about her role in the film. “[But] my hair is definitely Ke$ha. I have these fabulous long, blond, slightly ratty extensions. I miss those dearly.”

Of course, hair alone does not make a pop star. Roberts had to sing and dance to get into the role, rocking out with a dance anthem that was co-written by Jones herself.

“We recorded a song that Rashida co-wrote with a bunch of people, and it’s just wildly entertaining and inappropriate and it’s kind of a dance anthem. It was fun,” she said. “You know when you listen to songs and they yell at you to have fun? That’s kind of what we decided to do, because I love being yelled at to have fun and dance!”



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